Monthly archives: July, 2016

Campus Message 07.27.16

Dear Students and Colleagues,

The University of Illinois at Chicago is committed to providing a welcoming, safe and inclusive campus environment for everyone. I am saddened and disturbed to report that on July 25, a UI Health nurse was the victim of an apparent hate crime. Read more…

Campus Message 07.11.16

Dear Students and Colleagues,

Over the past several weeks, we have witnessed events across the country that are at once, extraordinary, and too ordinary. We are deeply disturbed by the continued senseless violence resulting in the loss of lives. As a university and as individuals, we must stand against bias, hatred, and violence of any kind. The issues we are facing have long histories that affect many aspects of how we live and relate to others in the world.  Any changes must start with deep and prolonged conversations about how we see one another, and our rights and obligations in civil society. UIC’s commitment to social justice requires that we come together to play a leading role in addressing the causes of these many and deeply concerning events. Read more…