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Campus Message 06.13.17

Dear Colleagues:

In March, Dr. Tyrone Forman, Associate Chancellor and Vice Provost for Diversity, announced that he would return to faculty to pursue his program of research on the nature and social consequences of intergroup prejudice and discrimination. We are thankful for all of his hard work during his tenure and proud of what has been accomplished under his leadership in making UIC a place where diversity flourishes and students, staff and faculty feel welcome and can openly express their identities.

We are now undertaking a national search for the new Associate Chancellor and Vice Provost for Diversity. Read more…

Campus Message 06.07.17

Dear Colleagues,

It is my pleasure to announce the appointment of J. Rex Tolliver as the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, pending approval by the University of Illinois Board of Trustees. Rex has served as the Interim Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs since September 1, 2016, following the retirement of Barbara Henley.

Rex joined UIC in 2015, after a national search, to serve as the Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Director of Campus Auxiliary Services. He has over 15 years of experience in student life, financial management, and human resources at other universities, including the University of Arizona, Louisiana State University and Idaho State University. During his tenure at UIC, he has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and a deep understanding of and advocacy for the needs of our student body.  Read more…

“How do you grow a university in a state without a budget?”

Crain’s Chicago Business features “How do you grow a university in a state without a budget?,” an opinion piece by UIC Chancellor Michael Amiridis. The chancellor’s op-ed follows a Crain’s story last month focusing on how the UIC College of Engineering is meeting the tech-boom challenge by continuing to grow and strengthen its computer science department.


State of University of Illinois at Chicago

In a formal address describing the “State of the University of Illinois at Chicago” March 29, Chancellor Michael Amiridis showcased the achievements of UIC leaders, scholars and researchers over the past year and shared his aspirations for reaching new heights of excellence in the future.

“We gather today in the midst of shadows cast from a dysfunctional budgetary and political environment to shine a bright light on the magnificent accomplishments of our students, our faculty and our staff,” Amiridis announced during his talk in the UIC Forum.

He reflected on the academic year, highlighting the record-breaking enrollment numbers set last fall despite state budget uncertainties.

“We are grateful for their vote of confidence and remain steadfast in our commitment to access and excellence,” he said.

Amiridis also noted that UIC has proposed to continue an in-state tuition freeze for the third straight year.

“The success of our students has always been and will continue to be our first priority,” he said. Read more…

UIC leaders detail impact of budget impasse

As the state budget stalemate nears its two-year mark, university officials are preparing to make additional budget cuts while continuing to diversify revenue streams.

“We have been holding our ground,” Chancellor Michael Amiridis told community members at a town hall held by the Academic Professional Advisory Committee Feb. 9, addressing the budget gridlock’s effects, “but I don’t know for how much longer we’ll be able to.”

Amiridis and other university leaders explained that UIC has not received a full-year budget appropriation since fiscal 2015, and even though stopgap funding was approved in fiscal 2016, sending $180 million to the University of Illinois system, the amount was about 27 percent of what the system expected to receive, leaving UIC with a budget shortfall of about $125 million. The stopgap partially funded Monetary Assistance Program (MAP) grants, too, but it only provided $170 million statewide, about 45 percent of the fiscal 2015 appropriation. Read more…

U of I leaders sign letter supporting energy initiatives

University of Illinois President Tim Killeen, UIC Chancellor Michael Amiridis and UIUC Chancellor Robert Jones are among signatories from more than 170 colleges and universities on a letter that urges President Donald Trump and congressional representatives to accelerate progress toward a clean energy future.

Through the open letter, organized by a diverse group of higher education institutions and the Boston-based nonprofit Second Nature, they call on elected officials to support participation in the Paris Agreement, climate research and investment in the low carbon economy.

“We are committed to developing and deploying innovative climate solutions that provide a prosperous future for all Americans,” the group wrote. Read more…

Campus Message 01.10.17

Dear members of the UIC community,

I write to announce the retirement of Mark Donovan, Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services, effective March 31. Mark has served our University with distinction and dedication for nearly 33 years. His commitment to UIC is distinguishable by his loyalty to our institution, his 24/7 work week ethic, and his unfiltered candor and deep appreciation for the unique nuances of UIC. On a personal note, I am very grateful for all the friendship, support and advice that Mark provided during my first two years as Chancellor. Read more…

Chicago, Cleveland public universities in friendly World Series wager

The University of Illinois at Chicago and Cleveland State University — as members of the Horizon League — square off against each other annually to determine who reigns superior on the athletic fields. Now, the two universities’ cities are vying for a bigger prize — a World Series championship.

The 2016 Series begins Tuesday in Cleveland, pitting the Chicago Cubs against the Cleveland Indians, two teams who collectively have not won the Fall Classic in 174 years. One team’s streak will soon come to an end.

Cleveland State President Ronald M. Berkman is so confident the Indians will be victorious that he is willing to wager UIC Chancellor Michael Amiridis, putting up one of Cleveland’s most prized possessions, a case of Bertman Original Ball Park Mustard. Amiridis, enthusiastically accepting the challenge, countered with a Chicago tradition, deep dish pizza. Read more…

Campus Message 07.11.16

Dear Students and Colleagues,

Over the past several weeks, we have witnessed events across the country that are at once, extraordinary, and too ordinary. We are deeply disturbed by the continued senseless violence resulting in the loss of lives. As a university and as individuals, we must stand against bias, hatred, and violence of any kind. The issues we are facing have long histories that affect many aspects of how we live and relate to others in the world.  Any changes must start with deep and prolonged conversations about how we see one another, and our rights and obligations in civil society. UIC’s commitment to social justice requires that we come together to play a leading role in addressing the causes of these many and deeply concerning events. Read more…

Campus Message 06.28.16

Dear Colleagues,

Each fall we welcome thousands of prospective students, families, friends, alumni, and community members to UIC Open House. This year’s Open House will take place on Saturday, September 24, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Once again, I encourage you to join us and take this opportunity to showcase your college, department, or program that day. We expect over 10,000 guests to join us at this annual event. Read more…