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Campus Message 03.15.17

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

Today, anti-Semitic posters were found on campus that defame, insult and negatively portray Jewish members of our campus community. Such actions do not reflect the values we hold as a community. Acts that invoke hatred or violence toward members of our community will not be tolerated on our campus.

This event makes it necessary for us to reaffirm our collective commitment to two fundamental principles: the first is the importance of tolerance, inclusion and diversity to our university community and the second is the right to free expression that ensures we are a place of open inquiry and learning. Both of these principles are fundamental to who we are and what we aspire to be as a university. Read more…

Campus Message 03.09.17

Dear Colleagues,

We write to announce that Dr. Tyrone Forman, Associate Chancellor and Vice Provost for Diversity, has informed us of his desire to return to the faculty to pursue his program of research on the nature and social consequences of intergroup prejudice and discrimination, effective August 15.

We are thankful for all of his hard work for UIC over the past three and half years, and we are proud of what has been accomplished under his leadership in making UIC a place where students, staff and faculty feel welcome and can openly express their identities.  Read more…

Campus Message 03.08.17

Dear Colleagues,

I write to announce the appointment of Michael M. Landek, currently Executive Associate Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services, to serve as the Interim Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services, pending approval by the Board of Trustees and effective April 1, 2017. Mike Landek will succeed Mark Donovan, who announced his retirement from the University after over 33 years of distinction and dedicated service. Read more…

Campus Message 03.06.17

Dear Colleagues:

In May, UIC colleges will hold their commencement ceremonies for undergraduate, graduate and professional students who finished their degrees this spring. The ceremonies are scheduled for May 3-7. For more information please visit this website: More information will also follow from the Provost including details about academic attire.

You have been instrumental in our students’ achievements, and I urge you to join our graduates and their families and friends to recognize this important milestone in their lives.

Michael D. Amiridis

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Campus Message 03.01.17

Chancellor Michael D. Amiridis

invites you to

“The State of the University of Illinois at Chicago Address”

Wednesday, March 29, 2017
3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

UIC Forum
725 W. Roosevelt Rd.
Chicago, Illinois

Please RSVP online.

The Chancellor will discuss UIC accomplishments, current challenges facing the campus, and future plans to be Chicago’s premier public research university.

The address has been designated as an approved event for non-exempt civil service employees. These employees may attend, without having to charge a benefit, operations permitting and with prior supervisory approval.

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Campus Message 02.27.17

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff:

Given the national dialogue and uncertainty surrounding immigration policy and enforcement, we want again to assure our campus community that we are committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for all.

We realize that some members of our community are concerned and uncertain about what to do if you are on campus and come in contact with federal law enforcement agents.

If you are on campus and federal law enforcement agents, such as the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), ask to speak with you, or present you with paperwork or a warrant, our legal experts suggest that you contact UIC Police immediately at 312-355-5555. Generally, you are not required to respond to questions or provide information, and if you are obligated in any way, the UIC Police will be able to help you make that determination. Read more…

Campus Message 02.06.17

Dear Students:

I write to request your participation in a survey to provide the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) reviewers with more information about the student experience at UIC. While this survey is voluntary, your comments are very important. The answers you give on this survey are anonymous. The Higher Learning Commission and UIC will not have access to any information that would identify you as an individual.

The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) is the institutional accrediting association that comprehensively evaluates our University, and information about your experience through this survey will be important during this process. Read more…

Campus Message 02.01.17

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

Every ten years the University of Illinois at Chicago is evaluated by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) to ascertain that our academic programs continue to meet standards set by the U.S. Department of Education. The HLC is the accrediting body for institutions of higher education in the Midwest, and this spring UIC will reaffirm its accreditation. As part of the HLC’s comprehensive evaluation process, a team of eight peer reviewers will visit UIC on April 24-25, 2017.

To ensure that all members of the UIC community will be able to participate in the reaffirmation process, there will be several opportunities to share comments and feedback with the reviewers: Read more…

Campus Message 01.13.17

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. John Coumbe-Lilley as the Faculty Athletic Representative effective January 1, 2017. Dr. Coumbe-Lilley will continue to serves as Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Nutrition in the College of Applied Health Sciences.

The Faculty Athletic Representative (FAR) serves to promote academic integrity and institutional control of intercollegiate athletics, to facilitate the integration of academic and athletic components within the university community, and to enhance the student-athlete experience. The FAR will focus on assuring the academic integrity of our athletics program and to promote the welfare of our student athletes. In this role, Dr. Coumbe-Lilley will serve as a member of the Chancellor’s Athletic Advisory Committee and as liaison to the Student Athletic Advisory Committee. Read more…

Campus Message 01.10.17

Dear members of the UIC community,

I write to announce the retirement of Mark Donovan, Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services, effective March 31. Mark has served our University with distinction and dedication for nearly 33 years. His commitment to UIC is distinguishable by his loyalty to our institution, his 24/7 work week ethic, and his unfiltered candor and deep appreciation for the unique nuances of UIC. On a personal note, I am very grateful for all the friendship, support and advice that Mark provided during my first two years as Chancellor. Read more…